RE: Hovis Custom Builders -Dan Hovis

Dan is the ultimate in custom home builders...no two homes he builds are alike. He is a person with a very curious mind...he is always searching for a better and more energy efficient way to build a home. We bid our house plans to Dan and two other large and respected builders. Dan's bid was the most customer oriented with the highest quality materials, workmanship, and at the best overall price. We spoke to some of Dan's former clients including a lady in real estate sales. She said that she has worked with a lot of builders and she selected Dan to build her home..."He is a pleasure to work with!"
Dan is innovative and is personally interested in making sure his customers are satisfied. The allowances he gave us for flooring, cabinets, lighting etc, were realistic and we were able to shop around and select just what we wanted. The home is so well insulated with the ICF block construction we don't even hear the neighbors dogs. Our electric bill was over $200 less last month than a friend with the same size home! Our home was built on time and on budget! You will never find a more honest and hardworking builder. He is truly a man who keeps his word. When you work with Dan, you will not only get a beautiful custom home, you will get a friend for life.

Pam and Bill Simek